Behavioral Activation for Depression抑郁症的行为激活治疗手册
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Behavioral Activation for Depression抑郁症的行为激活治疗手册 作 者:Martell
出 版:Guilford Publications 2010-2
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0F;F*osv+Z@wQ&m3B6]0Behavioral Activation for Depression抑郁症的行为激活资料手册

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?Om[? l0Christopher R. Martell (作者), Sona Dimidjian (作者), Ruth Herman-Dunn (作者)心理学空间knX"GT

6L8n:bk.`G*S0条形码: 9781606235157心理学空间Yh)AxHB c~



"Concise and well written, this is the most accessible and clinically useful book on behavioral activation (BA) for depression available to date. It covers the theoretical underpinnings of BA, the evidence for its effectiveness, and key principles of effective delivery. It clarifies the relationship of BA to other evidence-based treatments and is illustrated throughout with practical clinical examples. The book will be of equal value to both trainees and experienced clinicians who want to learn about the effective practice of BA."--Stephen Pilling, PhD, Department of Clinical, Educational, and Health Psychology, University College London, United Kingdom

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 "Behavioral activation could help millions of people who struggle with depression and with the inertia that is so much a part of this debilitating disorder. The authors draw clear connections between behavioral activation and other modern treatments for depression. The book is written in plain language and includes vivid case examples. It will be an important resource for clinicians who want to refine their approach to their clients’ problems with depression, and will serve as an excellent text for graduate courses in behavior therapy or empirically supported treatments for depression."--Robert J. DeRubeis, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania心理学空间!w |B'`5e%}p

-ONN.V(L ]0 "This book is a superb overview of the theoretical basis, empirical support, and clinical application of behavioral activation for depression. It will be an excellent resource for the practicing clinician and for clinicians in training. The book is replete with helpful clinical examples, step-by-step guidelines, summary charts, and forms. It is invaluable for learning how to implement this highly effective treatment for depression."--Michelle G. Craske, PhD, Department of Psychology and Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles心理学空间)`Q4ko;b/m

3L,i7U#r#c5WfB n0“A very clear and straightforward model for helping people who experience depression....Behavioural activation really works."--British Journal of Psychiatry心理学空间2c$\HP,Ihku

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About the Author


#R-JJ p-dc)u0Christopher R. Martell, PhD, ABPP, is Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and in the Department of Psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he also has a private practice. He is board certified in both clinical psychology and behavioral psychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology and is a founding fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. The coauthor of four books, Dr. Martell has published widely on behavioral treatments for depression and other areas of application of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), including CBT with lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients. He is a recipient of the Washington State Psychological Association’s Distinguished Psychologist Award.心理学空间V1i(o L%LC7D

/`0\ A6ps}@g0 Sona Dimidjian, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her research addresses the treatment and prevention of depression, including a particular focus on the mental health of women during pregnancy and postpartum. Dr. Dimidjian is a leading expert in cognitive and behavioral approaches to treating and preventing depression. She is one of a core group of experts in behavioral activation treatment for depression and has published widely in this area. Dr. Dimidjian is also an expert in the clinical application of contemplative practices, such as mindfulness meditation.


/uE9h2{*i#b Bgs0 Ruth Herman-Dunn, PhD, is in private practice in Seattle and supervises graduate students in her position as Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Washington. She has been a research therapist on several large randomized clinical trials for behavioral treatments, including behavioral activation and dialectical behavior therapy, and has led workshops on these treatments throughout the United States and Canada. Dr. Herman-Dunn provides consultation on treatment dissemination studies and collaborates with a core group of behavioral activation experts on research, training, and treatment development.

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D |AL sGq-m0目录

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Introduction: The Development of Behavioral Activation. 心理学空间 e} [#z;?V Xk5At


The Core Principles of Behavioral Activation. 


The Structure and Style of Therapy. 


Identifying the Ingredients of the Behavioral Antidepressant. 心理学空间2x\K^[rs


Activity Scheduling and Structuring. 心理学空间]m-]!J+E%NgO;h$g&z8jh

心理学空间u*koz@ W

Solving Problems and Countering Avoidance. 心理学空间l^5vO/H,a

心理学空间,G1f'{ ~ zZ

How Thinking Can Be Problematic Behavior. 心理学空间J%My N5E.R"p

心理学空间d.}A/h p!e

Troubleshooting Problems with Activation. 


Tying it All Together: Relapse Prevention and Beyond. 

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;rX3TXYV0mU0Appendix 1: Charts and Worksheets for Depressed Clients. 心理学空间 _r }Z&l"O"rZ

9bf \#j6r `%Gcf0Appendix 2: Notebook and Weekly Therapy Plan. 心理学空间!t Ftv&k5b!yiu

V:Tv&l*po Rp3L0Appendix 3: Notebook and Posttherapy Plan. 心理学空间'r:f+i0`v N!p5qq

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Appendix 4: ACTIVATE Reference Sheet for Therapists.心理学空间,uPvy$es J5H_? X

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