Tulving E. 1985. Memory and consciousness记忆与意识. Canadian Psychology, 26(1)
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来源: Canadian Psychology 标签: Tulving 记忆 托尔文 意识
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Tulving E. 1985. Memory and consciousness. Canadian Psychology, 26 (1), 1-12.心理学空间F*Z2o o \0mu)J
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Memory and consciousness心理学空间0uf-h*V+^;f

SQa2kx}i!w0Journal Name心理学空间/dD%h:T{;l t#sLzQ
Canadian Psychology心理学空间NB2W[Oa\$q"c

@_rz~J)]j0Speculations supported by empirical observations are offered concerning different memory systems (procedural. semantic. and episodic) and corresponding varieties of consciousness (anoetic. noetic. and autonoetic), with special emphasis on episodic memory and autoncetic consciousness as its necessary correlate. Evidence relevant to these speculations is derived from a case study of an amnesic patient who is conscious in some ways but not in others. as well as from simple experiments on recall and recognition by normal subjects. Autonoetic (self-knowing) consciousness is the name given to the kind of consciousness that mediates an individual's awareness of his or her existence and identity in subjective time extending from the personal past through the present to the personal future. It provides the characteristic phenomenal flavour of the experience of remembering. The extent to which autonoetic consciousness is engaged in recall and recognition of word-events was measured in two demonstration experiments whose results were systematically related to the conditions under which the recovery of knowledge about the events was observed.
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Volume26 (1)
H(` f @AKK0Year1985心理学空间5B J6|u F"Y
Pages1-12心理学空间5AL }j T"aUB
AuthorsTulving E.心理学空间 H2a/Wu*n2`9d7X

;^ ytwz5p z0More InformationPublisher: CANADIAN PSYCHOL ASSOC, 151 SLATER ST, STE 205, OTTAWA ON K1P 5H3, CANADA Subject Category: Psychology, Multidisciplinary IDS Number: TX790 ISSN: 0708-5591


TAG: Tulving 记忆 托尔文 意识
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