Military Psychology:
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Military Psychology: Overview
Dr. Steven J. Kass
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Military 101
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Military Psychology Defined
Military Psychology – The study and application of psychological principles and methods to the military environment.
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Employment in Military Psychology
Veteran’s Affairs (VA)
Military Hospitals
Defense Contractors
DOD Labs
Military Academies
Military Psychology Objectives
Combat Readiness
Selection & Training
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History of Military Psychology
1855 – US Gov’t Hospital for Insane (St. Elizabeths) to treat military psychiatric patients
1878 – Wilhelm Wundt starts experimental psychology lab in Liepzig Germany
Notable American student – James Cattell
1890 – James Cattell coined term “mental test”
Promoted standarization of procedures and use of norms in studying individual differences
1892 – American Psychological Associated founded
19 charter divisions (Military Psychology – Div 19)
1907 – Shepard Ivory Franz (civilian research psychologist at St. Elizabeths) developed routine psych screening for patients
1911 – Heber Butts – Navy medical officer at St. Elizabeths, published first protocol for psych screening of Navy recruits
History of Military Psychology
WWI (1914-1918) -  Robert Yerkes organized psychologists to test and classify recruits in war effort
Army Alpha & Beta Projects (precursor to ASVAB)
Screened out individuals deemed mentally unfit
ASVAB given to over 1.5 million annually
Walter Dill Scott – proficiency testing for 83 military jobs
1918 first Army billet for psychologist at Walter Reed Hospital
Development of structured measures of psychopathology to efficiently screen for mental abnormalities (led to psychiatry)
History of Military Psychology
World War II (1939 – 1945)
¼ of all US psychologists engaged in military psych
1941 Psychological Bulletin devoted entire issue to Military Psych (prior to attack on Pearl Harbor)
Human Factors Psychology (Engineering Psych)
Design of advanced weapon systems 
Placement of controls in aircraft
Design of instrument displays, consoles, protective gear, combat info centers, communications equipment


History of Military Psychology
1946 – VA Hospitals
Training programs to turn out clinical psychologists to diagnose and treat veterans
APA approved pre-doctoral internships and post-doctoral fellowships
Over 50% of WWII vets in hospital were there for psychiatric reasons
History of Military Psychology
Post WWII changes influences on Psychology
US funded Big 10 studies on Leadership (Illinois, Michigan, Ohio State)
Milgram’s research on obedience
Zimbardo’s prison study
Kurt Lewin’s action research (to identify and solve problems of minorities)
1958 - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – developed in response to Sputnik
 funded projects that led to such breakthoughs as:
SIMNET – simulation networking
Virtual reality
ArpaNet - Internet
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Domains of Military Psychology
Selection, Classification, & Assignment
Human Factors
Environmental Factors
Individual and Group Behavior
Clinical & Consultative/Organizational Psych
Training & Education
Manpower Management Decision Making Support
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Military Psychology Specialty Topics
Propaganda & Psychological Warfare
Hostage Negotiation
Women’s Role in the Military
Prisoners of War (POWs)
Military Psychology Student Involvement 
Join APA Division 19 (student discounts)
Read “Military Psychology” journal
Conduct and Present Research in Mil Psy
“Handbook of Military Psychology”
Attend Conferences/Symposia
DOD Internships/Co-ops (DOD largest employer of psychologists)

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