叙事模型 Narrative Therapy
  叙事治疗师将注意力焦点放在帮助来访者获得关于其生活与身份的说偏好故事基线上,以及以此取代先前消极的、自我挫败的、死胡同式的自述。在治疗师的具 有影响力但去中性化的帮助下,来访者创造并内化新的故事,形成新的假设,并通过重塑他们的故事而在面对未来的各种可能性时持开放的态度。这个模型在治疗领 域中很快就获得了突出的地位,它是基于一种对深入探索潜在“真理”的需要与修复潜在结构的需要发出挑战的后结构性思想上的。解构旧的观点并代之以众多故事 可能性有助于减少占主导的和问题性故事的控制力。治疗过程要求关注限制的自我叙述和制度化的文化叙述(cultural narratives).

  • Dulwich Centre

    Dulwich Centre is an independent centre in Adelaide, Australia involved in narrative approaches to therapy and community work, training, publishing, supporting practitioners in different parts of the world, and co-hosting international conferences.

  • Narrative Therapy Centre

    Narrative therapy is a respectful and collaborative approach to counselling and community work. It focuses on the stories of people’s lives and is based on the idea that problems are manufactured in social, cultural and political contexts. 

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