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Grant Research Consultant:

Cicchetti, D., & Toth, S. L. (1998), University of Rochester

Hops, H., Davis, B., & Sheeber, L. (2001), Oregon Research Institute

Wood, B. L. (2001), University of Buffalo.

Seifer, R., & Dickstein, S. (2004), Brown University

External Evaluator for Promotion and/or Tenure:

Auburn University (3)

Bowling Green State University

Catholic University

Johns Hopkins University

Pennsylvania State University (2)

Syracuse University

State University of New York at Buffalo

State University of New York at Albany

Tulane University

University of Delaware

University of Georgia

University of Rochester Medical Center

University of Southern California

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Tech

Wayne State University

External Examiner of Doctoral Thesis:

Griffith University, Australia


Davies, P. T. (1993). Emotional arousal and children's responses to adult conflict. Unpublished master's thesis, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV. (Thesis chair: E. Mark Cummings). [Davies & Cummings, 1995].

Davies, P. T. (1995). Children's Emotional Security as a Mediator of the Link Between Marital Conflict and Child Adjustment. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV. (Dissertation chair: E. Mark Cummings). [Davies & Cummings, 1998]. Patrick Davies Curriculum Vitae Page 29


West Virginia University: (1992-1995)

Social Psychology (Instructor): 8 undergraduate classes; about 65 students per class

Undergraduate Teaching Practicum (Supervisor)

Undergraduate Directed Studies (Instructor)

Family Systems Theory, Undergraduate Directed Studies, Writing Course (Instructor):

Undergraduate Honor's Theses (Supervisor):

University of Rochester: (1997 to present)


Developmental Child Psychopathology (Instructor; Large Course)

Social and Emotional Development (Instructor; Large Course)

Seminar in Social and Personality Development (Instructor; Seminar Course)

Internship in Psychology (Instructor; Guided Study Course)

Independent Research Studies (Instructor; Guided Study Course)

Exploring Research in Family Psychology I and II (Instructor, Seminar Courses)

Honor抯 Seminar (Instructor, Seminar Course)

Honor抯 Research I and II (Supervisor, Undergraduate Course)


Family Processes in Childhood (Instructor)

Seminar in Interpersonal Development (Instructor, Breadth Requirement Course)

Developmental Theory and Research (Instructor, Developmental Core Course)

Developmental Research Methods (Instructor, Developmental Core Course)


Undergraduate Honor抯 Theses (Chaired)

Seelig, Sandra (2011). Triadic processes, the sibling relationship, and adolescent adjustment: A

family systems perspective

Muto, Pauline (2011). Interparental conflict and child attention: The moderating role of child


Anderson, Ellen (2010). Children抯 emotional insecurity in the interparental relationship as a

precursor to neuropsychological deficits.

Arva, Jennifer (2009). The impact of interparental conflict on adolescent peer relationships.

Cheon, Yeun Mi (2009). Antecedents of maternal communication about interparental conflict to

children: The role of child characteristics. Patrick Davies Curriculum Vitae Page 30

George, Rachael (2008). Developmental consequences of children抯 patterns of reactivity to peer


Modzelewski, Natalie (2007). The effects of children抯 negative behaviors on parental warmth.

Biswas, Aparajita (2005). Expressed emotion as a mediator in the link between marital conflict and hostile attributional bias: Elucidating the links between marital conflict and child adjustment problems.

Walling, Julia (2004). Family and Child Correlates of Profiles of Child Involvement in Interparental Conflict.

Meyer, Sara (2002). The Interplay Between Family Instability and Parental Communication in Predicting Children抯 Family Representations.

Swanger, Michelle (2002). The Roles of Aggression and Inhibitory Control in the Relationship Between Marital Conflict and Children抯 Reactivity.

Henrie, Sharon (2002). Religious Involvement, Life Events and Outcomes.

Klock, Kristin (2000). Marital Conflict and Adolescent Adjustment: The Protective and Potentiating Role of Developmental Tasks.

Sawyer, Genelle (1999). Interrelations among Adolescent-Parent Attachment, Peer Representations, and Maladjustment.

Shannon, Kelly (1999). Exploring Pathways among Maternal Psychological Control, Parent-Adolescent Attachment Patterns, and Adolescent Adjustment.

Master抯 Theses (Chaired)

Manning, L. G. (2011). Parental psychopathology and parenting disruptions: An examination of

commonalities and specificity between disorders

Woitach, Meredith (2009). Children's social information processing and the development of

psychopathology symptoms: A person-based analysis of SIP from an evolutionary framework.

Bascoe, Sonnette (2007). Children抯 Internal Representations of the Interparental and Parent-

Child Relationship, Children抯 Poor Peer Information Processing, and Children抯 Adjustment Problems.

Farrell, Deirdre (2005). Interparental Conflict and Children抯 Emotional Reactivity: Examining

the Additive and Moderating Role of Children抯 Temperament.

Gomulak, Beata (2004). 揇on抰 Worry, We抮e Going to Work it Out:?The Role of Maternal Communication in the Pathway Between Interparental Conflict and Child Psychosocial Adjustment.

Winter, Marcia (2002). Linking Family and Peer Contexts: Mothers?Explicit Communication and Children抯 Representations of Peers.

Rasi (Tesak), Jennifer (2001). Pathways among Marital Conflict, Parental Emotional Availability, and Children抯 Emotional Security Response Systems.

Lindsay, Lisa (1999). Marital Conflict and Adolescent Adjustment: Why Does Gender Moderate Early Adolescent Risk? Patrick Davies Curriculum Vitae Page 31

Doctoral Dissertations (Chaired)

Gomulak-Cavicchio, B. (2009). Talking to kids about interparental disagreements: A

longitudinal examination of multiple determinants of maternal post-conflict communication.

Winter, Marcia (2005). The Interplay Between Family Instability and Maternal Communication Patterns in Predicting Children抯 Family Representations and Symptomatology.

Tesak, Jennifer (2005). An Exploration of Children抯 Involvement Strategies for Coping with Interparental Conflict.

Spomer, Michelle (2003). Early Parenting and Youth Adjustment: A Longitudinal Investigation of Temperament and Parent-Child Separations as Moderating Factors.

Lindsay, Lisa (2001). The Family Conflict Intervention Program: A Pilot of School-Based Groups for Second- and Third-Grade Children.

Forman, Evan (1999). Family Instability and Adolescent Adjustment: An Exploration of Intrapsychic and Parenting Mediating Mechanisms.


West Virginia University (1990-1995)

Developmental Training Committee, West Virginia University, 90-91, 92-93

Developmental Research Suite Coordinator, West Virginia University, 90-91,


Program Area Organizing Committee for Interview Weekend, West Virginia University, 91, 93

Faculty Evaluation Committee, West Virginia University, Psychology Department, 94-95

University of Rochester (1997 - Present)

Department-Library Liaison (97-01; 03-04; 05-06, 09-10)

University Council on Graduate Studies (98, 02-03, 03-04)

Committee on Graduate Studies (98-01)

Colloquium Committee (99-00, 08-10)

Recruiting and Admissions Committee (00-02, 08-09)

Organizer of the Developmental Brown Bag Lunch Series (00-01)

Undergraduate Studies Committee, Student Advisor (02-04; 06-11)

Co-Director, Psychology Undergraduate Honor抯 Program (98-00; 02-04)

Faculty Committee, Curtis Awards for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student (04)

Graduate Studies Committee, Chair (10-11)

Departmental Faculty Search Committee: Clinical and Developmental Programs


Faculty Council (05-08)

Social Sciences Working Group (College Strategic Planning Group) (05-06) Patrick Davies Curriculum Vitae Page 32

Department Long-Term Vision Committee (06-07)

Provost Fellowship Committee (07)

Department Promotion and Tenure Committee (07-present)

College Student Course Evaluation Committee (08)

Provost抯 Multi-Disciplinary Research Fund Review Committee (08-09)

Member, National Institute of Health Grant Panel, University of Rochester Grant

Panel Forum (09)

Outstanding Dissertation Award Committee, Social Sciences Division, College of

Arts, Sciences, and Engineering (10-present)

Administrative Committee, College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering (10 ?


PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES [available upon request].




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