Administrative Behavior, 4th Edition
作者: Herbert A. Simon / 5573次阅读 时间: 1997年3月07日
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Administrative Behavior, 4th Edition 作 者:Herbert A. Simon
出 版:Free Press; 4 Sub
书 号:9780684835822
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$L3_&_Z2T3z/|0行政行为心理学空间#fPD RiWT4r2?
Herbert A. Simon
'q#rk+N0Jij E0出版: Free Press; 4 Sub (1997年3月1日)
"W[t%^ ]0平装: 384页
"l4hO2EE_-w MS0语种: 英语
0RZAvU:i6V0ISBN: 0684835827
F bHu6s*mu}]j0条码: 9780684835822
_W6i3jG m0尺寸: 23.4 x 15.5 x 2.5 cm心理学空间&~`Cc8l4|g|E
重量: 431 g心理学空间+g:@ A[Kit
内容简介心理学空间3| EH/J0A&Z Ww
In this fourth edition of his ground-breaking work, Herbert A. Simon applies his pioneering theory of human choice and administrative decision-making to concrete organizational problems. To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the book's original publication, Professor Simon enhances his timeless observations on the human decision-making process with commentaries examining new facets of organizational behavior. Investigating the impact of changing social values and modem technology on the operation of organizations, the new ideas featured in this revised edition update a book that has become a worldwide classic.
-d q1q"QL"}&v&hP!n0Named by Public Administration Review as "Book of the Half Century," Administrative Behavior is considered one of the most influential books on social science thinking, and was referred to by the Nobel Committee as "epoch-making."
oTY o8_8F+BS r0Written for managers and other professionals who wish to understand the decision-making processes at the heart of organization and management, it is also essential reading for students in business and management, economics, sociology, psychology computer science, government, and law.心理学空间)?XM,z7pW-vU

'}9d%o0Ki trJ0Introduction to the Fourth Edition
]B${SB9J O$P8^/_0Preface to the First Edition心理学空间A5``hc&xQJ ~
A*Uy~ ^%D0I. Decision-Making and Administrative Organization
8U`Peugb t,{;l0II. Some Problems of Administrative Theory心理学空间w I g*^"M[(X
III. Fact and Value in Decision-Making
w*PKCs2Cx0IV. Rationality in Administrative Behavior心理学空间\2D.g"Y9W-i
V. The Psychology of Administrative Decisions
4keUg U+~1uc0VI. The Equilibrium of the Organization心理学空间 W\y#\5Yc
VII. The Role of Authority心理学空间3N){7gqJqsYz*vX
VIII. Communication
(ik;RRSe0IX. The Criterion of Efficiency心理学空间R$k V3F9J^
X. Loyalties and Organizational Identification
6to \7a1@(Kx0XI. The Anatomy of Organization
RbM7g2O4M3e0Appendix: What Is an Administrative Science?心理学空间#\)z ~3[)ri

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