Preyer, Thierry William儿童(发展)心理学鼻祖普莱尔简介
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Moss Side, UK
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Wiesbaden, Germany心理学空间+C n7rF$cJ2|'`#t

WPy3AX9\7{W w8u!w0Degrees: doctorate (1862)
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.w%c2b3N7{Oq `0Career: 1859 studies of science (especially physiology and chemistry) at Heidelberg; 1862 doctorate; move from natural sciences to medicine and studies in Paris with Claude Bernard and Charles-Adolphe Wurtz, later in Berlin, Vienna and Bonn; 1865 qualification as a lecturer in zoophysics and zoochemistry in the Faculty of Philosophy in Bonn; 1866 medical degree at Bonn; in 1867 qualification as a teacher of physiology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Jena; 1869 professor of physiology at Jena in succession to Johann Nepomuk Czermak and appointment as director of the Physiology Institute; 1888 retirement and for the rest of his life private scholar in Wiesbaden.
NE'e-t!h&QF wRF2Xf0Selected works:
JI[E&Io4{)hP0Preyer, William T. 1882. Die Seele des Kindes: Beobachtungen über die geistige Entwicklung des Menschen in den ersten Lebensjahren. Leipzig: Grieben
{#R |j'X9|*b&J5^4L0Preyer, William T. 1880. Naturwissenschaftliche Thatsachen und Probleme. Berlin: Paetel
+Y?G@'@}-N,vT+a[Cw0Preyer, William T. 1883. Elemente der allgemeinen Physiologie: Kurz und leichtfasslich. Leipzig: Grieben
x z h/R sQ)Og_;x0Preyer, William T. und Ferdinand Zirkel. 1862. Reise nach Island im Sommer 1860: Mit wissenschaftlichen Anhängen. Leipzig: Brockhaus心理学空间mo? si}i d _G
Preyer, William T. 1866. De haemoglobino observationes et experimenta: Dissertatio inauguralis. Bonn: Cohen
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