Interview with Jeffrey Young, Ph.D. on Schema Therapy
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For years, psychotherapy has been split into various camps or schools, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy and person-centered or humanistic therapy. Each therapy school has different ideas for what therapy should accomplish, and how to go about doing therapy. Faced with this complexity, many working therapists have become eclectic, meaning they try to use techniques from multiple schools at once. Eclecticism can easily become very confusing and muddy for therapists and patients, however, making it difficult to know precisely what the goals are that the therapy is attempting to achieve.


Originally trained as a cognitive-behaviorist, Dr. Jeffrey Young is the founder of Schema Therapy, which represents an effort to systematically and coherently integrate techniques from the various therapy approaches. Though a general purpose therapy, Schema Therapy has been designed with the goal of helping personality disordered and otherwise treatment-resistant patients find relief.


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