Prejudice Is A Basic Human Need 偏见是人类的基本需求
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Prejudice Is A Basic Human Need

Science 2.0:

Prejudice is just bigotry that arises from flawed ideology, right? Not so, say the authors of a new paper.

They contend prejudice stems from a deeper psychological need and it is associated with a particular way of thinking. People who aren’t comfortable with ambiguity and want to make quick and firm decisions are also prone to making generalizations about others. People who are prejudiced feel a much stronger need to make quick and firm judgments and decisions in order to reduce ambiguity.
他们声称,偏见源于更深层次的心理需求,以及与之相关的独特思维方式。模糊不清,并想要快速而坚决的做出决定时的不适感,也会让人容易对他人一概而论。  有偏见的人都觉得需要一个更强大,以便快速和坚定的判断和决策,以减少歧义。

And, they argue, it’s virtually impossible to change this basic way that people think.

“Of course, everyone has to make decisions, but some people really hate uncertainty and therefore quickly rely on the most obvious information, often the first information they come across, to reduce it” says co-author Arne Roets of Ghent University in Belgium. That’s also why they favor authorities and social norms which make it easier to make decisions. Then, once they’ve made up their mind, they stick to it. “If you provide information that contradicts their decision, they just ignore it.”
Arne Roets说。这也是当局和社会规范为什么喜欢做出更容易决定的原因。然后,一旦他们主意已定,他们坚持下去。 “如果你提供的信息与他们的决定相左,他们便置若旁骛”

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Citation: Arne Roets and Alain Van Hiel, 'Allport’s Prejudiced Personality Today: Need for Closure as the Motivated Cognitive Basis of Prejudice', Current Directions in Psychological Science, December 2011; vol. 20, 6: pp. 349-354 doi: 10.1177/0963721411424894

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